The Engadine Valliers Family Site

Welcome, Valliers!  I have found so much information about our ancestors, those born in/settled in Engadine, Michigan, and their ancestors who lived in Canada (or New France) for centuries, and even a little information about ancestors who came before them who lived somewhere in Europe.

I created this site to share all that information with you, my DNA brothers and sisters.  I love our Facebook group for getting out quick updates on family events and happenings, but my goal is to be able to share our genealogy with everyone in the family, including the ones I don’t even know exist yet.  

I’ve started the site in November 2018 but since there are over 5,200 people in my Vallier family tree, this is definitely a work in progress.  I’ll try to add fun/interesting facts as well as family line information as I go.  (I’m still trying to decide if I want to put the Proton family genealogy information on this site or somewhere else. Let me know what you think.)

If you’d like to be notified when I post new information here, be sure to sign up for updates.  I’ll try to notify the Facebook group too, but signing up for updates will probably work best. 

Introductions & Collaborators

Please introduce yourself and say hi before you go!  And if you have time and information, let me know — I’d love collaborators! I know that Tom and Linda Vallier and Cindy Johnson and Nancy Vallier and Eleanor Soligny Vallier all worked on our family history at different times so I’d love any invitations to visit with you and anyone else who has family memorabilia and get all our information together in one spot to share with everyone.

~ Cousin Marianne Frontino McCreight (Daughter of Shirley Ann Vallier of Engadine, Michigan)

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Everyone is so spread out these days, it’s almost impossible to keep up with what’s happening in the family. 

Whenever there is an Event of interest to the Vallier Family happening, please let me know and I’ll post the information here for the rest of the family.